Music is a gift that every culture, every person, every country have enjoyed for thousands of years. The First Annual Green Diversity Music Festival is a celebration of the many different types of music that come from the great nation of Ireland. Here in Germany, we celebrate variety and embrace all different types of cultures, which is why we open our doors to some of the greatest Irish artists of our time. Feel free to join us to recognize the brilliance of one great nation and it's musicians!

The first Green Diversity Festival will be opened at the Field of the Holy Spirit (Heiligengeistfeld) in Hamburg, Germany's second biggest city, at Friday the 5th of July 2013. The celebration will start at 2 p.m. with some Voodoo Loons and go on until at 2 a.m. we'll turn the music down a bit so you can catch some sleep to be well prepared for a long musical Saturday, beginning at 11 a.m. with Dirty Epics and featuring 9 great Irish live acts until 2.30 in the morning. Sunday will be opened by The Undertones at 11 p.m. and there will be acts until 11 p.m.