The Green Idea

The Green part of our all-Irish festival's name of course originated from Ireland's reputation as the Emerald Isle, but the more we thought about and the closer we looked at it, the more matching did it seem to us to not only name it a "green" festival, but actually make it green.

One aspect of this is having the visitors pay a garbage pawn, 4 euros you spend automatically when you buy your festival ticket but will be returned to you in exchange for a full bin bag. In other words, collect your waste instead of just throwing it on the floor where you are at that moment, hand it in when you leave and you will get your garbage pawn paid back. Hand in a full bin bag at any other time on Saturday or Sunday and you will get a free meal. (Control rights reserved.)

Another aspect is not having any advertisements for consumer's goods at the area. This way you can fully relax and enjoy the music. Same goes for the free water stations we'll set up at the festival ground so you don't have to bring or buy lots of artificially packaged drinks. (Glass bottles aren't allowed either way.)